A Handbook To The Services Offered At CRTSolution

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CRTSolution is a clinical research training and certification company based in Canada. Our main goal is to assist researchers (study sites) by offering personalized, hands-on training to improve the rate at which newly hired staff becomes qualified and fit for clinical trial activities, and influence the contribution of individuals to the overall success of clinical research studies in the development of innovative and high-quality medical treatments.

We were formed and incorporated in 2020 by a collaboration between International Clinical Research Academy (ICRA) and Delva Consulting Inc.

We offer in-person training across the province of Quebec and virtually across the rest of Canada and North America.

Our core values are to conduct our business with Integrity, Reliability and demonstration of our Expertise. We provide our services with the highest regard for good moral practices & standards and consistency in service delivery.

We offer:

1. Training with certification for employees who are new to clinical research and have limited knowledge or experience in the field.

2. Elective courses for practicing professionals to reinforce specific topics, sharpen their research knowledge and skills, and maximize their on-the-job performance.

3. Consulting support to any aspect of clinical research activities. Such as, mentoring junior research personnel, how to prepare study files for inspection, and so on.

4. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Certification which is an interactive course for those who are new to the industry or for certification renewals.

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